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Simulation models and computer simulations for industry

Daria Wotzka Research – WoRes

Modelling, Simulation, Analysis and Data Processing

WoRes is a Polish company specializing in the use of modern mathematical solutions in industrial engineering. The company’s founder, Ph.D. Daria Wotzka, is a scientist with extensive experience acquired during several years of scientific and research work at the Technical University in Berlin, at the Opole University of Technology, in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology and Koszalin University of Technology.

WoRes company was created for entrepreneurs – manufacturers to facilitate their access to the most current solutions and know-how in the field of advanced mathematical methods.

The basic offer of WoRes is addressed to various industries producing equipment, which due to the nature of its operation, are related to the flow of air or liquid, generation of heat or cold and related to the generation of mechanical vibration and noise.

WORES offer is for companies from the following branches

Industry producing heating equipment

ovens, furnaces, heaters and radiators, etc.

Industry producing ventilation equipment

fans, coolers, cooling systems, etc.


Acoustic industry, producing, among others

speakers, microphones, soundproofing materials, etc.

Lighting and optical sector producing

classic and led lighting, lenses and other optical devices

Our offer is addressed mainly to companies which do not have their own research and development facilities, to those who build designed by them devices in the form of a physical prototype, which is then subject to usability tests.

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