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Mission and Objectives

Our mission

  • We aim at description of physical phenomena occurring in industrial systems using advanced mathematical methods.
  • We help our business partners to create new, innovative and energy-efficient industrial products through the use of numerical modeling and computer simulations of thermal, flow and acoustic phenomena.
  • We want to generate added value in our customers’ companies by providing them with advanced mathematical solutions supporting and optimizing key products and processes.
  • We promote and develop solutions which have a direct impact on reducing construction and operation costs of a product or process, making it more competitive on the market.

Our objectives

  • We focus hard on the essential needs of our target group and solve the problems that they have to deal with in the best way possible – better than anyone else.
  • We provide our customers with maximum benefit. We aim to ensure that all of our mathematical models are subject to experimental verification in accordance with specifications of the project.
  • We develop constantly in order to achieve a stable position on the European market. We invest our profits in modern computers so that we are able to create our products a faster and more efficient manner.

Our values

Customer Focused

At every step we try to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. We tailor our business to them through careful and professional communication. All suggestions are taken into account.


Scientific activities and participation at scientific and technical conferences as well as in trainings of WoRes team, combined with the exchange of experience, enables us to offer our customers products at the highest possible level.


We undertake tasks which others consider to be impossible. Difficulties are a challenge for the company and result in even greater motivation for better performance.

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