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Business area

We are engaged in building, development and integration, in the industry, of modern algorithms and mathematical methods.
We develop simulation models and perform simulations in COMSOL Multiphysics environment that enables visualization and analysis of work of designed device under realistic conditions.

COMSOL software is a tool used for simulation of devices that combine electronic and mechanical functions as well as a number of thermal, acoustic or related to liquid flow effects. This allows engineers, designing or developing new products, rapid prototyping, visualization and analysis of complex devices.

This tool is associated with a mathematical description and simulation of physical processes taking place in the designed device. This enables iterative correction, testing, optimization of devices without creating a real prototype.

Increasing capabilities of computers enable the use of computer simulation in the everyday practice of engineering. By simulating of complex systems you can identify and understand their operation at a relatively low cost.

The use of simulation can reduce time-consuming theoretical studies to avoid construction of many prototypes of the device, whose operation is difficult to predict and the related tests are complex and costly.

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