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Range of services

We provide services in the field of computer mathematical modeling of thermal and acoustic flows processes using the Finite Element Method. The scope of services includes : construction and verification of simulation model of a device constructed in accordance with the specifications provided by the customer, carrying out numerical simulations aimed at optimizing of, indicated by the contractor, model parameters, providing the results of calculations in a form adapted to the partner.

We provide services of creation of mathematical models in the form of explicit modeling, using the regression function i.e. an experimental modeling using modern algorithms including: Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Models and Evolutionary Algorithms.

We provide services in the field of performing broad analysis of measuring signals (both analog and digital), supplied by the customer, including statistical analysis and data processing in the field of time and frequency.


(Computer) analysis and visualization of digital signals.

In the time domain:

In the frequency domain:

Modeling of acoustic waves with the use of computer software COMSOL Multiphysics


Modeling of warm air flow and mechanical stress with the use of computer software COMSOL Multiphysics

temp_velo2velo2totalDips_110Kmodel13_misesprincipal stress3temp_110K_displacement_zoomed

Mathematical modeling using the regression method


Statistical and correlation analysis

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